Farm Build

It’s build day at The Harmony Lab + Apothecary.

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So super grateful for this maker community in the mountains, upstate NY. When everything is breaking down in the matrix of an outdated and unjust paradigm, feels so good to build a grassroots vision for a New Paradigm with some of the dopest beings around.

I AM Lady Greenthumbs

I started this blog ten years ago in 2010, when blogs were a thing, as I was transitioning out of a decade of Brand Dev and Video Game PR. A very poignant time in my journey as I officially left the NYC rat race to walk my path as a healer (variety of modalities, non-greenthumb related).

A few years leading up to this blog’s birth in 2010, I was inspired by one of the video games I was working on, Gardening Mamma, to grow some food on my rooftop in Brooklyn, yearning to be closer to my own grow.

2008-2010 was also the time social media facebook groups were getting big for Consumer Products and Technology companies and my client allowed me to take on the persona of the main character in the video game, Gardening Mama and host the FB group… I got so into it and it really birthed the Greenthumb Geek I AM, outside of my earliest greenthumb geek inspiration, mi alma, mi corazon, grandma Marion, and naturally, Pachamama who I’ve been working with since I was little.

And so, I was persona: Gardening Mama at my agency during the day and out of office was moonlighting with healers and shamans while also farming on my rooftop in Brooklyn, around the corner from Grand Army Plaza and Prospect Park. A weird and magickal time.

While I was excited by this specific project I also began to get really overwhelmed by a life that I had created for myself in the agency world that no longer suited me. Greenthumbing and initiations into the healing world tapped me into my Truth in a deeper way.

I could no longer sit behind a desk, even if video game PR was quite a trip. I was a healer since I was little, I was ready to stop fronting. I also loved Earth, and no better expression than to work with her and honor her by growing food and living for a more sustainable future both within and without.

So in 2008-2010 at the onset of businesses using Social Media I felt everything starting pick up in the matrix/world because of it and – I WANTED OUT OF THE RAT RACE… So I walked my truth…. I was a psychic, intuitive, healer behind a desk? Duh, GET OUT! Walk your path. Do you.

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Eggshell Seed “Starts”

Sowing (starting) seeds in eggshells (sanitized) is a practical, sustainable, easy, fun, and super cute greenthumb DIY experience! Plus, it is a great project for kids, families and a way to engage people in greenthumbing that may not have felt the urge before.  Add some fun, makes life less ho-hum.

Not only fun, but this technique also “moonlights” as a nutrient fixer as eggshells are super rich in calcium. Without the proper amount of calcium in the soil, plants may produce deformed blooms.

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Marigold: Army of the Garden + #MondayMeditation

Wherever we grow, Marigold always takes root and anchors in the garden, energetically.
In a physical sense, Marigold is the silent army of the garden as it produces what is known as alpha-terthienyl, a substance that suppresses nematodes, which are microscopic worms that attack the roots of plants.
Strong roots = successful garden.
Plant around the border of beds and crops.
Through our wellness practice at The Harmony Lab, we suggest Calendula and Marigold often, where applicable, depending on the person’s constitution and way. It’s very powerful medicine and multi usage. For example, can be used internally for cramps and coughs, and topically for sunburn, eczema and so much more.
One of our favorite times of the year is when the marigolds begin to bloom, and it’s not because they are edible and delicious… Just about 3-4 days before they start deading, we like to pluck them… and here is why…


Besides simple style “seated meditation”, my favorite way to “go in” and activate a meditative state is to make flower garlands, string flowers. A sure way to access the magic of consciousness and get in under the mind’s chatter with the intoxicating smell of a flower, the vibration of it’s design and presence.
Warning. The interaction can be a wonderful opening and can be especially activating and intoxicating, if you let it. Plus, afterwards you will have a stunning and precious garland imbued with all the goodness that you are.
Try it sometime. Cut the stems off your flower stalks. Use needled (embroidery needles work) fishing “wire” to puncture through the center of the bud and string away to desired length!
 photo: ©Marisa Calderon/Lady Greenthumbs

Turn Your Brownthumbs Green > With Herbs

Nobody has a brown thumb, things are just off balance in the care and or plant friend’s environment. Plants just need proper food, light and logistics.

For those looking to build up their plant cred mojo and get some greenthumbing points in, starting with herbs can offer great yeilds, harvests and lessons!

Below are examples of popular herbs that can turn any brownthumb green! Not only are the herbs easy to work with, they are perennials, which means your herb friends will return year after year.

Perennial. Plant magick on so many levels, but we’ll keep that convo for another post. Thrives in full sun and dry soil. Plant from seed in the Fall or use cuttings. You can also find plant ‘starts’, available at most Farmer’s Markets but just because they look pretty at those markets, does not mean they are toxin/chem free. Lavender is known for its fragrant leaves and is a hardy herb. Try infusing water or vodka with lavender for an added level of delicious. Also great for skincare/beauty and mood management.

Perennial. One of the most, hardy plants around! Oregano loves direct, full sun and well-drained sandy soil. You can grow from seed in the Spring or use cuttings. Oregano does really well with weekly cutbacks and is rambunctious in salads.

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