Activism and #WaterIsLife

Years ago I used to be a VERY vocal activist. As an Earth Guardian, much of my effort was to wayshow others the atrocities that big business, politics and ego had on humanity and earth in the name of money and greed. I spoke of these ills to anyone that would listen, and spoke even louder to those that didn’t. DOH! That strategy wasn’t exactly effective for me so I decided that instead of focusing on the ills of the world, I was going to put energy and effort into visioning a new world while connecting with others to create sustainable ways for a new paradigm. I feel as if I have failed. I feel as if in an attempt to cocreate this new paradigm I am losing the dialogue of the current situation and what is happening on this planet IS NOT OK… I remind myself, it’s all about balance.

Earth is calling out to us. She is issuing a warning that for us to proceed, we must get it together as a species and clear the ego from our motives. We must cherish, protect and honor The Mothership, for it is she that sustains us. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not earth that needs to be saved, it’s humanity. She will outlive humanity. We need her… and we need to respect her in all her glory. NOW.

Today I am writing about the waters of Earth, for #WaterIsLife, specifically the The Dakota Access Pipeline and the Algonquin AIM Pipeline being constructed in Peekskill, NY.


The Dakota Access Pipeline is a $3.8 billion project that will carry an insane amount of crude oil from North Dakota to Illinois threatening the precious waters of Mother Earth. The pipeline is through the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation and the decision to build was made without Tribal input. A 2 mile long path has already been bulldozed through sacred tribal burial grounds. On April 1, members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe launched an ongoing protest camp called Sacred Stone. Since late July, when the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers approved the pipeline,  too many have already been arrested in protest and the Army has been violent. THIS IS NOT OK!!!! This protest has grown in leaps and while mainstream media isn’t reporting to the extent in which this protest has grown, the truth is contagious, and that truth is exposing leaks in our “freedom”.  Amy Goodman, a reporter for Democracy Now was recently arrested for coverage of these protests. What is up America? Free Speech? What ever happened to that?

Everything  you need to know about The Dakota Pipeline HERE.

A dear friend and healer I used to work with, Rachel Esquilin,  is headed North Dakota with a small team of Acupuncturists (GAHP) to provide Acupuncture and medical care for the the protesters at Standing Rock. Please support her mission.


Below is info on another *urgent situation* that hits epic close to home regarding a fracked gas pipeline expansion project happening upstate New York — including how you can help! The “Algonquin” AIM pipeline that is being constructed in Peekskill, NY right next to Indian Point nuclear power plant, over 2 fault lines, and directly under the Hudson River !!! This puts NYC drinking water in great danger, not to mention the health & safety of the communities surrounding this pipeline upstate. We have to move FAST on this — as gas starts flowing by (latest) Nov 1st — unless we stop it!  Let us not go the way of Flint, Michigan!



& demand that they call on federal officials to the Spectra AIM pipeline NOW!

DONATE to ResistSPECTRA’s Resilience and Resistance GoFundMe campaign

CONNECT with activist groups to find out about events & contact them to find out what else you can do!


& In case you missed this (which –umm– most of us did!), here’s some press to get you up to date:

The Guardian – video about the pipeline – Sept 22, 2015

NY Times – article about pipeline concerns – Feb 29, 2016

Senator Schumer – press release – May 20, 2016

Democracy Now
– segment on concerns & protestors’ direct action – May 25, 2016

NY Times – article on Spectra’s merger with Enbridge (creating the largest energy-infrastructure company on the continent) – Sept 6, 2016


Earth Guardian FTW!

And then as I was drafting this post, THIS happened.