Green Bronx Machine

Stephen Ritz is my new hero. Hats off and deep gratitude to the courageous grass-roots pioneers making a real difference in this city and beyond!!! His TEDxManhattan lecture highlights the fact that solutions are here in front of us. We do not need to travel far to make things right at home.

I’m deeply moved by his passion, gusto and compassion. Plus, he refers to the BX as “the borough that gave us baggy pants and funky fresh beats is becoming home to the organic ones”. This guy knows what’s up!!!

ReGeneration Documentary

Lady Greenthumbs is dedicated to Urban Agriculture education, a sustainable future, Mama Earth, and our youth. Please help support this kickstarter project.

The ReGeneration documentary project provides children with gardening supplies and cameras, and allows them to share the story as they learn to compost, plant seeds and ultimately harvest food they’ve grown themselves. Ongoing footage will be shared on Leave It Better, so you can follow the youth – the stars and co-directors of the documentary.