Garden Update

WOW. A lot has happened in the Lady Greenthumbs’ garden and much of it is a miracle that it’s thriving. Thank you PachaMama for the greenthumbing journey!!!

It’s been raining on and off in Brooklyn for over two months. The beans and cucumber bushes are fighting for their lives, but on the mend. The soil is infested with fungus gnat larvae, but there is hope. The sun is making an appearance for the next few days so it’ll be a great opportunity to conquer the fungus gnat larvae army with a brew of crushed up mosquito dunks, ground cinnamon and Diatomaceous Earth. The zucchini and cucumber flowers are in need of pollination as they are feeling the effects of Colony Collapse Disorder. Will be self pollinating flowers in honor of the bees and a fruitful bounty.

In more exciting news, all this rain has kept my garden nemesis, the stink bug, infestation to a minimum. The leafy greens, strawberries, herbs and flowers are thriving and I have six tomatoes already in full motion.

Some of Lady Greenthumbs’ friends work with Orgone energy and we’ll be experimenting in the garden this summer. Stay tuned for an update on that.

Never a dull moment in the Ladygreenthumbs’ urban garden!