City Parks and Community Gardens Need Help More Than Ever

      Hurricane Sandy left not only an alarming amount of people with out homes,  New York City’s parks, community gardens, playgrounds and beaches were severely impacted by Hurricane Sandy as well. If you are interested in volunteering with NYC Parks to aid in clean-up and recovery, check out below’s list of parks, playgrounds and beaches below that are in need of assistance this Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday. Please visit NYC Parks Department to sign up in your borough and be sure to check back for updates on other parks in need of volunteers!
      Crotona Park (Wednesday)
      * Orchard Beach (Saturday only)
      Brooklyn (Saturday only)
      * Coney Island
      * Fort Tryon Park (Saturday only)
      * Harlem River Park (Saturday only)
      * Inwood Hill Park (Sunday only)
      Queens (Saturday only)
      * Joe Michael’s Mile
      * Crocheron Park
      * Queensbridge Park
      * Astoria Park
      Staten Island (Sunday only)
      * Kaltenmeier Playground

Occupy the Land UnConference 2012

This weekend, city-wide, WhyHunger, multiple community-based orgs, Occupy Wall Street working groups and the New York City Community Garden Coalition are holding “unconferences” in community gardens and other public space venues all over New York City. Their intention is to inspire, celebrate and provide a platform to discuss and learn between differing groups citing challenges on a local and global level.

Will you be going this weekend? You can catch me at the “New Urban Farms and their Role in Food Justice” and “Swarm Organizing w/ Superglitch”. Would love to meet you there! XO