In My Element

In my Element.
Foraging for wild flowers to transfer into the Farmacy at Puerta a la Vida. No allergy will hold me back from one of my favorite flowers, the almighty Lily. Especially when they are growing wild in the precious jungle that I inhabit with my animal friends, flora and fauna. As I was rummaging through the jungle floor, I’m reminded that I lived in NYC before this for 21 years. Wow! For me with nature it was love at first sight. I have been craving it since the first time I experienced trees as a child (on the way home from the hospital:-). This greenery. The prana. The body resonates here. Channels open. Awakened senses. Creativity flows. Earth oozes life.

Lady Greenthumbs RX: Feeling tired? Connect with nature. Feeling blue? Connect with nature. Feeling overwhelmed? Connect with nature. Feeling unfocused? Connect with nature.

Just ten minutes a day. You will feel the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual upgrade. For me, it’s the best way to clear my channel (the energy that runs through the chakras and meridians. Clear channel = more flow, greater manifestation, enhanced creativity etc.). It’s good to be alive. Give thanks all day everyday. Life is a fucking trip.


in my element