Countdown to Last Frost

I’m in the process of getting a grip as to when the danger of the last frost is lifted. While the weather thus far has proved to be unpredictable, I’ve got a ton of seeds to sow and soil to toil.

According to the National Environmental, Satellite, Data and information Services (NESDIS), frost risk is lifted by April 19th. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, danger of last frost is April 28th. After reviewing the weather and temperature statistics of both, I have come to the conclusion that Mama Nature is not as predictable as she used to be. For example, weather predictions from winter 2011-2012 were the opposite of what actually came to pass. The garden experienced a dry winter and has not encountered frost in months. The only statistic that was spot on was the wind. 2012 continues to be one of the windiest years in recent history. Eek!

The Lady Greenthumbs’ Garden Project is based in Brooklyn, NYC. Brooklyn is USDA Hardiness Zone 7b per the updated 2012 hardiness guidelines and is AHS Heat Zone 5. Going out on a limb to say the danger of last frost comes to an end around April 14th. Why? Lady Greenthumbs instinct says so. ☺

2012 USDA Hardiness Map – OSU