Organic Gardening Education

Teaching people how to grow food has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Getting people back in touch with the flow of nature and all of it’s goodies is a deep honor. If you are not in the BK/NYC area and would like to learn how to grow your own food, veggies and annuals/perennials, I’m offering Skype sessions on the basics of Organic Gardening. If you’d like a more in depth education with a certificate, Greenthumber’s rejoice!!!

Registration is now live for Cornell’s Organic Gardening Online Course. Course starts February 24th!

“This online course was developed in response to a strong interest in organic gardening from people across the country and is intended to examine the basics of small-scale organic gardening. The topics and depth of information offered will help new gardeners learn the basics and feel comfortable getting started, while also offering more experienced gardeners the opportunity to expand their knowledge base. Students will walk away with a wealth of resources to look into for further study

The course has a strong foundation in soil health and its impact on plant health and a whole systems approach to gardening. The course also explores various techniques for growing different kinds of garden plants – annuals and perennials, food plants and ornamental plants.”

Raised bed vegetable garden

Occupy the Land UnConference 2012

This weekend, city-wide, WhyHunger, multiple community-based orgs, Occupy Wall Street working groups and the New York City Community Garden Coalition are holding “unconferences” in community gardens and other public space venues all over New York City. Their intention is to inspire, celebrate and provide a platform to discuss and learn between differing groups citing challenges on a local and global level.

Will you be going this weekend? You can catch me at the “New Urban Farms and their Role in Food Justice” and “Swarm Organizing w/ Superglitch”. Would love to meet you there! XO