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earthworks chair


“Land art doubles as lawn furniture with Terra, a “grass armchair” that grows from seeds and soil in a cardboard frame. Designed by Andrea Sanna and Piergiorgio Robino of Turin, Italy-based Studio Nucleo, it’s a vision of what seating might look like in a sustainable outdoor living room of the future.

Terra’s designers were motivated by what they see as a need for a more eco-friendly approach to design and manufacturing. The process of manufacturing wooden chairs, for example, takes a toll on the environment: it tends to waste wood, as well as energy for factories and shipping. Terra, on the other hand, cancels out any carbon footprint associated with its shipment by adding more greenery to the world.”

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Grow a Grass Armchair in Your Garden

6 Ways to Purify Water

The water situation on the planet is no joke. “The Earth’s population is booming, the planet is getting hotter, and drinkable water is either scarce or contaminated in many parts of the world. While certain commercial water purification methods depend on non-sustainable methods and materials that are environmentally taxing, there are great alternatives. Natural water filtration systems can remove bacteria, sediment, and protozoa from fresh water just as well as commercialized systems and are more accessible to people in parts of the world where resources are scarce.”

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Nursery Fields Forever

Most kids these days thinks “food” comes from a plastic package in a store. Yet once you inspire them with the greenthumbing process they are absolutely enthralled and don’t understand why anyone would buy vegetables from a store when you can grow your own, even indoors in a small apartment. Nursery Fields Forever is an innovative design proposal that fuses urban farming with nursery education” and can bridge the gap between the agriculture process that kids are exposed to.

Green Bronx Machine

Stephen Ritz is my new hero. Hats off and deep gratitude to the courageous grass-roots pioneers making a real difference in this city and beyond!!! His TEDxManhattan lecture highlights the fact that solutions are here in front of us. We do not need to travel far to make things right at home.

I’m deeply moved by his passion, gusto and compassion. Plus, he refers to the BX as “the borough that gave us baggy pants and funky fresh beats is becoming home to the organic ones”. This guy knows what’s up!!!

Terreform Proposes a Self-Sufficient NYC

Ever since I began the Lady Greenthumbs Garden Project, the urban landscape no longer looks crowded. Rooftops, vertical gardens, edible living walls and street-level gardens present a huge opportunity for our crowded city to get self-sufficient. I see NYC as a tremendous growing opportunity as we shift our resources and engage unused spaces!

Terreform proposes a plan that would bring the city to a self-sufficient state, while using Times Square as an energetic production hub.